Natalie Greco

Design Leader / Nerd / Overall Web Enthusiast

Natalie Greco

Hello, welcome to, my personal website.

I'm based out of Seattle, WA. Currently open to new opportunities with a preference for leading cross-discipline teams in an inclusive environment.

My passion when it comes to design is to create beautiful, usable, and sustainable products. My approach begins with design research, ideally observational studies to get a clear understanding of what drives users. Once their aspirations have been uncovered the real innovation begins. I believe in constant design iteration, testing the approach with users and validating the solutions. I work diligently to create experiences that can be built quickly and maintained efficiently, typically with coded prototypes to clearly communicate complex interactions to developers.

When I'm not designing for my full-time job you'll likely find me playing video games, building a fully functional droid, or pretending to be a photographer.

My recent work is difficult to show due to NDAs, but feel free to contact me and we can schedule a time to review those materials. My resume is available and I can also be found on LinkedIn. I also have some code on GitHub (be warned, most repos are private, and old at this point... very, very old).

A Sampling of My Clients